No flare-ups. No hot spots.
No burnt or overcooked food.


With other BBQs, oil and fat from food, falls through the cooking grates into the burner box, onto the heat source and key parts, causing flare-ups and grease fires.

The result, uneven cook surface temperatures, hot & cold spots that require constant attention to control, inconsistent cooking results, foods that are under or overcooked, burnt, charred and bitter tasting, and a dirty BBQ that is difficult to maintain.

Flare Up


The Secret to Flare-Free Technology

Two double stacked cooking grates are placed directly on top of each other and are sloped downward to the front of the BBQ. Excess oil and fat from food, drips down from the top grate, is captured by the second grate, and channeled to the front of the grill, and out of the cook box to a removable, easy to access front grease catcher.

Benefits Include:

  • Even Cook Surface Temperatures - No Hot and Cold Spots
  • BBQ is Safer - No more
    unpredictable flare-up fires
  • BBQ is Easier to Control - No more shuffling food on the cook surface
  • BBQ is Easier to Clean and Maintain
  • Always Perfectly Cooked Food -
    No more under / over cooked meals
  • Food is Tastier - No more burnt, bitter charring from flare-ups
  • Food is Healthier - Less char and less smoke equals less unsafe carcinogens in food

Revolution™: Challenge what you know...

No more uncontrollable flare-ups and fires, and way more even heat. Cooking is easier, safer and healthier. All this built into our most durable and easy to clean grill ever.

INSTASTART™ Ignition Technology

INSTASTART™ Ignition Technology is the most durable & reliable ignition in the BBQ industry. Flawless operation even in the harshest environments.

Cooking Grates Play Video

Double Stacked Cast Iron Cooking Grates offer double the heat retention while capturing and redirecting all fats and grease to the front grease channel.

Front Grease Cup

Front Grease Cup collects all the grease from the Angled Front Grease Channel, offering a quick and convenient clean up.

Angled Front Grease Channel

Angled Front Grease Channel captures and removes all grease drippings to the Front Grease Cup.

Sear stove

Sear stove provides intense searing heat for the perfect steak, and variable temperature control for all other tasks.

Double-Lined Hood

Built with a durable, heavy duty roasting hood, double-lined for optimal heat retention and roasting capabilities, and heavy cast-aluminum end caps to help stabilize cooking temperatures.