Coleman Revolution™ Reversible Cast Iron Griddle image

Coleman® Revolution™ Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

(Part Number: 85-2306-0)

  • Coleman® Revolution™ Reversible Cast Iron Griddle is perfect for cooking all meals, from breakfast to dinner
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Interchangeable with any Flare-Free Technology™ cooking grate
  • Exact fit on all Coleman Revolution barbecues
  • Size: 18.1" x 8.7" x 0.5" (45.9 x 22 cm x 1.2 cm)

Coleman Cookout Griddle Tool Kit image

Coleman® Cookout™ Griddle Tool Kit

(Part Number: 85-2362-4)

The Key to perfect grilling

  • Includes:
    • Two 16" spatulas. One slotted and one smooth, to ensure the perfect tool for all meals
    • The stainless-steel chopper/scraper does double duty, chopping and scraping your griddle, before, during and after cooking
    • Season and clean your griddle with two clear, 12oz squeeze bottles that make dispensing oil and water convenient and mess-free

Coleman Cookout™ Non-Stick Grill Topper image

Coleman® Cookout™ Non-Stick Grill Topper

(Part Number: 85-2351-0)

  • Grill small or delicate food on the Coleman Cookout™ Non-Stick Grill Topper
  • Large two-tone, non-stick surface
  • Perforated bottom allows for exposure to the fire without sacrificing grill flavour and browning
  • Complete with handles for easy mobility and comfortable use
  • Easy to clean
  • Size: 17" x 10" (43.1 x 25.4 cm)

Coleman Cookout™ Non-Stick Grill Baskets image

Coleman® Cookout™ Non-Stick Grill Baskets

(Part Number: 85-2344-8)

  • Coleman Cookout™ Non-Stick Grill Basket is perfect for managing your grill space
  • Non-stick basket creates a mess-free experience
  • Rigid construction
  • Complete with handles for easy mobility and comfortable use
  • Easy to clean
  • Size: 10" (25.4 cm)

Coleman Charcoal Baskets image

Coleman® Charcoal Baskets

(Part Number: 85-2329-0)

  • Fits charcoal grills 18", 22" and 26"
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Use with charcoal briquettes, lump charcoal and wood
  • Charcoal baskets keep fuel contained for better temperature control

Coleman Brite BBQ Light image

Coleman® Brite BBQ Light

(Part Number: 85-2314-0)

Lights up your cook surface for safe outdoor cooking.

  • Fits most barbecue handles (up to 1.4" diameter)
  • Multi-directional pivoting head
  • HIGH/LOW/OFF – settings
  • Quick, clip and release handle bracket
  • Water resistant

Coleman 3 in 1 Brush image

Coleman® 3 in 1 Brush

(Part Number: 85-2341-4)

  • Durable, heavy duty design
  • Made with all-natural Palmyra bristles for everyday cleaning
  • Heat safe up to 450°F (232°C)
  • Grill stone removes baked on grease, build-up, rust and corrosion
  • Non-toxic and chemical-free
  • Includes a stainless-steel scraper
  • Refills available
  • Size: 17.5" (44.5 cm)

Coleman Revolution COOLTEMP Grill Brush with Scraper image

Coleman® Revolution™ COOLTEMP™ Grill Brush

(Part Number: 85-2274-4)

The Coleman® Revolution™ 2-in-1 COOLTEMP™ Grill Brush is a safe, yet effective alternative to metal bristle brushes. Specially designed to keep your Flare-Free™ Grates clean and free of debris, aiding in grease evacuation.

The COOLTEMP™ Grill Brush is engineered for use on a COOL GRILL up to 170°f, is rigid enough to remove baked on grease, and its 4-sided nylon brush head allows for a more thorough clean of even hard to reach areas of your grill.

Safe for all Cooking Grates

15" (38.1 cm) handle for extra reach

Coleman Revolution 3 Piece Barbecue Tool Set image

Coleman® Revolution™ 3 Piece Barbecue Tool Set

(Part Number: 85-2393-0)

Barbecue Essentials

  • Includes:
    • 16 ¼" locking tongs, lightweight and sturdy design for ease of use
    • 15 ¼" basting brush, high-heat angled silicone head for added precision
    • 18" spatula, optimized size for both utility and comfort

Coleman Cookout 12 Piece Tool Set image

Coleman® Cookout™ 12 Piece Tool Set

(Part Number: 85-2394-8)

  • From cooking to cleaning the Coleman Cookout™ 12-piece toolset has everything you need
  • Set includes 1 x 18" (45.7 cm) stainless-steel spatula, 1 x 18" (45.7 cm) stainless-steel tong, 1 x 17" (43 cm) palmyra brush & brush refill, 1 x storage case, 6 x 16" (6 x 40 cm) stainless-steel skewers with a unique skewer removal tool that aids in removing food safely from hot skewers
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Heat resistant handles with hanging hooks
  • Convenient carrying case that is great for storage and camping

Coleman Rotisserie Kit with Meat Probe image


(Part Number: 85-1994-6)

  • Coleman® Rotisserie is an exact fit for all Coleman® Even Heat™ and Revolution™ Barbecues
  • Quick mount, no tools required
  • Includes:
    • Meat temperature probe for precise grilling
    • Heat resistant handle for comfortable use
    • 2 sets of meat forks
    • A counter weight to ensure your meat has a smooth ride
    • An adjustable spit rod to help you get the best fit for your model

Coleman Smoke Generator image

COLEMAN® Smoke Generator

(Part Number: 85-2343-0)

  • Smoking Made Easy
  • Adds rich, smokey flavour to any outdoor cooking appliance
  • Up to 8 hours of smoke
  • Ideal of both hot and cold smoking
  • Dimensions: 8" x 5" x 1.75" (20.3 x 12.7 x 4.4 cm)

Coleman Universal Grid Lifter image

Coleman® Universal Grid Lifter

(Part Number: 85-2342-2)

  • Keep your hands clean with the Coleman Universal Grid Lifter
  • Makes lifting and removing cooking grates easy
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction
  • Comfortable lifting handle
  • Fits most BBQs

Coleman Revolution™ Side Shelf Mat image

Coleman® Revolution™ Side Shelf Mat

(Part Number: 85-3716-8)

  • Protect your side shelves from spills and scratches with the Coleman Revolution™ Side Shelf Mat
  • Fits most barbecue side shelves
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hygienic, silicone surface
  • Size: 10" x 13.7" (25.4 x 34.9 cm)

Coleman Cookout™ Instant Read Thermometer image

COLEMAN® Cookout™ Instant Read Thermometer

(Part Number: 85-2388-4)

  • Coleman Cookout™ Instant Read Thermometer is your secret weapon for perfectly cooked food
  • This Instant read thermometer provides an accurate and precise measurement for professional quality results every time
  • Fast 3 second readout
  • Accurate - +/1°C (0°C~100°C)
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • Large, backlit display
  • Adjustable from Fahrenheit (°F) to Celsius (°C)
  • Includes a temperature hold button

Coleman Cookout™ Spatula image

Coleman® Cookout™ Spatula

(Part Number: 85-2340-6)

  • Master the grill with the Coleman Cookout™ Spatula
  • Durable, rust-resistant stainless-steel construction
  • Long enough to keep your hand safely away from the grill surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient hanging strap for storage when not in use
  • Size: 18" (45.7 cm)

Coleman Cookout™ Tong image

Coleman® Cookout™ Tong

(Part Number: 85-2327-0)

  • Master the grill with the Coleman Cookout™ Tong
  • Durable, rust resistant stainless-steel tong with a sturdy comfortable grip
  • Scalloped pincers offer good tension that make turning, moving or rearranging your food made easy
  • Tong locks closed for compact storage
  • Hanging strap for convenient storage when not in use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Size: 18 1/4" (46.4 cm)

Coleman Cookout™ 2 in 1 Spatula & Tong image

Coleman® Cookout™ 2 in 1 Spatula & Tong

(Part Number: 85-2305-2)

  • Coleman Cookout™ 2 in 1 Spatula & Tong effortlessly switches from spatula to tong with an easy-to-use locking handle
  • Durable, stainless-steel construction
  • Compact storage and convenient tool hanger
  • Size: 17" (43.1 cm) Long